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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2012|11:55 pm]

First meeting on Tuesday with Bryan.  Spoke of doing a monthly reading in lecture hall or theater.   Second meeting on Friday with Sheri and Jessica, talked of doing readings in connection with education department.  Talked of doing Mangled Beam on 9/11.  Also doing material in connection with Vietnam Wall exhibit.


Strange Bond kind of movie with James Coburn working for Sophia Loren.  OJ Simpson, Eli Wallach, George Grizzard, and Anthony Franciosa are on hand.  Not a very thrilling thriller, but relatively intelligently written, which is rare for a Michael Winner film.

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2012|10:42 am]

Full day tour which went pretty smoothly despite the bus stalling at the heliport.  We got the bus going again and Norman called me to tell me Chauncey is in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism.  Erg!  We’ve got calls in to Eric C and hope he can do it.  Jim N also recommended someone.  Aiyee!  Last night went to NYMAS and met with Frank Ra, Mike J, Norman W and made the announcement about BULLARD on the Intrepid.  Lots of people said they’d come.

During the Korean War, Matt (Jeffrey Hunter) saves the life of his buddy, Vince (David Janssen), who promises that someday he'll repay Matt by cutting him in on a million dollars.  A talky, soap opera-y movie, directed by Edmond O'Brien, this is a pretty good movie with a fine performance as a villain by David Janssen. Stella Stevens is pretty good as the love interst.  Matt's suburban neighbors are a noisy and intrusive bunch, given to parties and heavy drinking whenever we see them. It's fun to see future "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane is one of them. They play a naughty game called "Braille," in which the wives lie on floors covered in sheets and the husbands have to use "braille" to determine which covered figure on the floor is their wife. This was pretty hot stuff for 1961.

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2012|03:01 am]

Monday night’s rehearsal went well, even without Mike J and Chauncey and I played some darts.  Went to Marriott and checked out the scene.

Tuesday got to the Marriott and it had been double booked.  Happily went home and went back to sleep.

TSP went very well.  I only acted in Don’s Zap Code but that was fine.


One of my favorite movies.  This played at Lincoln Center, where pretentious French films used to play.  I saw the French director's name (Louis Malle) and immediately decided it was talky pretentious nonsense.  My friend Tim used to try to get me to see it (he had it on VHS) and I kept putting him off.  Then finally, he begged me to watch just ten minutes of it, then if I wanted he'd turn it off.  The first lines of the movie had Wallace Shawn saying that he was going to meeting he had literally been avoiding for years, and this was so ironic to me, that I was hooked and loved every succeeding minute.  The simple setting and two talking heads make this seem like an easy movie to pull off.  Obviously just the opposite is the case and this is a real classic.


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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2012|07:50 am]

Two more days with Maxim.  Full day went pretty well.  Made up with Aeja and she tipped me and found my hat at the restaurant.  Mo was ruthlessly efficient, not a charmer but okay and he certainly made the trains run on time.  Showed me I could show my Tour guide license on Liberty Island and get a free soda.  Monday was a little rough with Cyrus again, who, frankly doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or has communication issues and can’t adequately communicate.


Interesting two hour version of the LeCarre story.  Oldman is fine.  It’s fun to see favorites John Hurt, Ciaran Hinds and Benedict Cumberbatch in supporting roles.  The other leads aren’t as good, the hateful Toby Jones is far too prominent, Colin Firth isn’t given much to do, even though he’s the nominal villain.  David Dencik and Kathy Burke are far more forgettable than their TV counterparts.  I do like Mark Strong as Prideaux, though. 

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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2012|09:05 am]

Weary day working for the Maxim people.  Most of the tour went well enough, at the end at the Empire State Building things ganged agley.  I guess it was mostly my fault, as I did’t know where the skyride is.  I’ll have to investigate that for myself sometime.  The tour guide kind of yelled at me for a bit and I left.  Technically I’m supposed to just get them to the building, not up to any part of the interior, which is a hassle as there’s stricter security than at Liberty Island and the guide kept calling as my phone was going through security or people were yelling at me.  I left without yelling back, but it wasn’t easy.  Hopefully tomorrow’s all day will go smoother.


The new Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes.  Okay.  Lane from Mad Men is Moriarity and good.  Jared Harris is okay in support.  The problem is this kind of thing is a video game and not really the kind of move that Sherlock Holmes fans want to see.

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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2012|10:40 am]

I still have to write out a precis of all that’s happened for a board member of the Intrepid who Dawn knows to try to salvage her MANGLED BEAM reading in September and it’s just a lot of paperwork and calling and emailing and when this is in addition to other projects, I’m also developing shows for Joe D, Shawn B and helping a little with Dawn and Jimmy’s reading at Amerinda and dealing with three different tour companies, with Maxim calling for a lot of calling and emailing, I can literally spend hours each and every day doing this, and on days when I also work, or rehearse or perform or in some cases both or all three I just end up totally exhausted and then have to get up and more or less do it again the next day, again, often without a day when I don’t have to do anything for days, weeks, months at a time, and this doesn’t count the humble demands of my own life, taking care of personal business and an occasional social outing.  I feel like one of those people who retire and have never been busier.


John Cassavetes is a piano man in Cuba who falls for Sara Shane, the pretty wife of a gangster played by Raymond Burr.  You can imagine the shenanigans.  I like the leads, the actress is okay, and it’s fun to see Celia Cruz pick up the Carmen Miranda flag and run with it.

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2012|08:43 pm]
Yesterday was pretty quiet, which is fine.  Now I’m booked from Saturday through Tuesday which is frankly more than I want to work, but after months of relative inactivity I can’t afford to turn down anything.  Went down to World Financial Center again and figured out the way from Vesey Street up to the Winter Garden observatory.   All a bit of a labrynth but I’m slowly finding my way around.  Mike is off to Winnipeg for a week so I’m taking over the back and forth with the Intrepid people.  So far so good.  Norman seems happy with progress which is the important thing.  I appreciate him hanging in when things were up in the air, so it’s nice it more or less worked out.  It’s a lot of work, and everyone including Norman doesn’t realize how much time is spent meeting (for a time I was meeting with Mike almost every day) and emailing and calling and waiting for calls and emails and phoning everyone concerned about how things are going, and explaining no I haven’t heard yet, and oh, I don’t know, I’ll call them back and try to get the answer to that question too, and this goes on day after day, sometimes seven days a week and this is the kind of stuff that makes me leery to keep signing up for projects.
Pretty good western with Gary Merrill doing a pretty good job in the role of the villain.  John Bromfield and Wanda Hendryx are okay in support.  Movie most notable for having Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, both playing villains in small roles.

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2012|02:30 pm]

Tired, as I did work for Tours Limited, Dan’s Indian group.  Things went well enough, thank god, although we did have a couple of minor miscues.  Couldn’t find us a way to get on the West Side highway, and just to be nice helped a couple who wanted to leave early into a limo service, and ended up somehow being responsible for them to their son when they didn’t end up at the airport as expected.  Hopefully, that all worked out, and I won’t be blamed if it didn’t.  Really, I just helped them put their heavy bags in the trunk!


A badly injured fugitive explains to a priest how he came to be in his present predicament. Directed by John Sturges. Starring Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, Victor Jory.  Good piece, Lew and Teresa are a good team.  Teresa Wright was married to Niven Busch whose project this was.  Jory was always effective in the Orson Welles king actor tradition, here as a priest.  One of the first films to be filmed on location as a more or less independent film.  Ayres had the kind of quality associated with a Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart, not the charisma, but usually more real.

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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2012|01:10 pm]

TSP went well.  Good turnout despite the post holiday.  Acting was first rate and included Susan S and a new guy Sean who Vince recommended.  Went out afterward and had a nice visit with Bob M and others.


Novelist George Sand ('Judy Davis' ) falls in love with composer Frédéric Chopin (Hugh Grant). She tries to profess her love for him at a weekend hosted by a pretentious, artistically minded duchess for famous musicians, artists, and writers of the day. The gentle and sickly Chopin is wary of the outspoken Sand, but finds himself strangely drawn to her, as well.  This is the kind of movie I like, some historical stuff, good actors.  Not a great film it’s pretty aimless and more about the personal relationship between people than the creative process which I find more interesting, but Emma Thompson is great in support and it is always good to see Anna Massey in this kind of role which she excelled in.

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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2012|11:29 am]

A little better day.  Encouraging call from Mike J.  They did not find any sign that Bryan K put through the grant.   I don’t understand why they can’t now put through a grant themselves, but anyway… Apparently they do see that we’ve been putting in time and money on BULLARD so it looks a lot better that we will be able to do it on the 20th.  Good news, I hope.


Pretty good b-movie Western with Hugh O'Brien and Raymond Burr.  A little more adult than the movies of the time, and certainly the western TV shows. 

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